Thursday, 8 July 2004

war is over if you want it

Hurray! Mindless sgumbag leech spammers are finally beaten!!! I had a friend who was a copywriter once. He told me to always use an odd number of exclamation marks when getting exited. So...
Eat dirt mutant parasites!!!!!
I've been trying to get my spam under control for some time now. I found 143 spams in my inbox after a recent weekend away, and I know I'm only a long-forgotten cult with no friends. (Aww)
Mailblocks seem to have found the answer. Simply open an account with them (free if you want to be a sad cheapskate) and say goodby to Spam forever. (100% they claim) How does it work? Anyone who's not in your address book is sent a 'challenge' email the first time they send you an email. They simply have to type in some characters generated by mailblocks into a box, which confirms that they're not a machine. They then get placed in your address book, and their emails get through. Nice.

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