Friday, 26 May 2006

last days of Dogtown

...while over in the Welsh Quarter old mother Tripod remembers to turn off the gas.
Uncle Vesuvius runs naked through Dogtown Desert, lile a crazed zealot salesmen on 40 percent - Blam! - when an alien saucer of colossal proportions zip-wrecks its way into his lifestyle, and materializes on the very same spot as himself...
...creating a super-intelligent race of time-travelling beergutted undertakers.
The Reincarnation of Spud the Wonderdog barks out from inside an old radio, the troubles of his axed television career behind him, like the faint whiff of lice on Clarity Day.
Because it’s always the last Day in Dogtown for someone…
Richard Stiletto the handicrafts instructor
One two three,
Four five six,
seven eight nine,
Lucky or not, I’m coming.