Friday, 29 July 2005

King Edward

Ah, the wonders of the potato. You can boil it, bake it, chip it, fry it, mash it; and yet it is not seen anywhere in the UK government's 5-a-day campaingn.
Is it not a vegetable? Does it not bleed if it is pricketht? (Eh?)
How unlike the US's own 5-9 a day (yes, they always go one better in the Land of the Free) campaign, where the potato takes its rightful place amongst the white fruit and veg in the 'colors of health'.
According to the UK website potatoes (as well as yams and cassava) are not included since they are 'starchy foods'. No yams either? Oh come on guys.

Friday, 15 July 2005

very sleeeeepy...

I've always wondered what it would be like to be hypnotized. I guess it depends on who floats the sheets. Still feeling a little woozy though.
Ah, but what a voice that man has.

Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Tv dinners by William Brown from Elastic Black Dog

ever been googled?

The words 'lovely' 'Ann' and 'Robinson' are not used frequently in the same sentance on the internet, it seems.
Searnching google for "lovely Ann Robinson", my entry of last week on this very timeslot is first on the results list 'of about 12' adds google, perhaps rather too helpfully.
Searching for "lovely Kylie Minogue" on the other hand produces a veritable 'about 230' exact matches.
"lovely Colin Jones" unfortunately gives the almost unbelievable (and undeniably unjust) 'Did not match any documents'.
Oh my fragile ego.

You are feeling sleepy...

I was not completely surprised to see Paul McKenna restoring the sight of a blind man on TV this week.
There was a wonderful moment though where the man (blind for a number of years) sees his wife for the first time. 'She hasn't been going to the gym has she?' or something similar were his words.
Age indeed does not come alone.

Monday, 11 July 2005

Quiet Afternoon in the office

Reg Hogg the hedgehog was prickly.
On Saturday Reg Hogg was sickly.
On Sunday at nine,
the doctor came by,
and cured Reg hedgehog quite quickly.

Load of bankers

A bank in Wrexam is to be one of the first to abolish counter service.
Apparently there'll be more staff on hand to deal with 'those who are nervous about using the cash machines, or who haven't used them before'.
HSBC, 'the world's local bank' says it will make for a 'better service'. Try telling my mum that.
Ever wonder how the word 'Orwellian' entered the English language?

Wednesday, 6 July 2005

I must do my blog.

Is it me, or does the lovely Ann Robinson look younger every day? Her new TV show is 'What's the problem? With Ann Robinson'. After her famed verbal assault on my fellow countrymen some time ago one can only ask if the question mark is in the right place.

Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Egg on chips

"A man full of bile is not fit to pronounce on food." is today's quote from Egon Ronay, following the frankly unstatesman-like reported comments from French President Jacques Chirac.
Now a lesser man might raise the questionable delicacies of horsemeat or slugs (never could tell slugs from snails), but I would never stoop so low.
God help us all if this sets the tone for the G8 summit this week. Sign here please.