Monday, 28 February 2011

Spotify in the USA - why you should be happy

As a UK Spotify user it might be useful for potential US users to know just why I subscribe and thrive on the Scandinavian music streaming service.

Music streaming: you don't buy the music, you stream it at will from Spotify's system. Legally and for free, or for a monthly subscription.

Spotify looks set to launch in the US this year and if it follows the European setup could change your attitude to music forever.

Spotify Premium is where its at. No doubt the majority of users will opt for the free ad-funded delights, but a monthly fee gives a 320kbps streaming soundfest. That's a higher bitrate than itunes currently offers for sales. And if you so wish you can stream, download and play off-line from your Android smartphone or iPhone too. And if you have a Sonos system you will truly enter the stratosphere of audio heaven.

But what about the Beatles, Zappa and the Magic Slugs, you ask? They're not on Spotify are they? Nope. But you probably have them on CD/vinyl/wax cylinder already. Not the Magic Slugs though, they're not on Spotify because I made them up. Probably.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011