Wednesday, 21 October 2009

(good) stuff happens

Proof copy of book received today. It seems to have got itself written somehow; stuff happens.

One letter needs changing though, so a hasty re-write (hah) and a week added to production.

No worries.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

do turkeys vote for christmas?

Would seem to be the theme of the shadow chancellor's austerity cutback speech today. Wage freezes for public sector workers and a raising of the retirement age.

Apart from the above fowl-related question, I wonder if anyone in the Conservative Party has questioned the ability of a Westminster government to deliver on such far-reaching promises now that a significant number of powers have been devolved to the, ahem, regions.

Health and education for instance.


I'm so happy. Napster, the legal music streaming service has now slashed their monthly UK subscription rate to £5. Plus they've included 5 mp3 downloads each month for playing on ipods. (and yes unbranded mp3 players if you must)

So here's the future; download 5 mp3s a month and listen to unlimited streaming music with no ads, then fill in any gaps in your collection via itunes. (or napster if you prefer)

The war between itunes and music subscription services is now over. Can it really be that everybody won?

Friday, 2 October 2009

new book for October release

we live in the spaces between the starsWe Live in the Spaces Between the Stars. A book of silences and spaces, to help facilitate a quiet mind and a fourth state of consciousness.

This is the first product from Getting Quiet, and surprisingly comes before the actual release of the Getting Quiet course.

More news here as it happens.