Wednesday, 22 June 2005

distant drums

Credit card in hand, and perched to buy a new drum for my laser printer. £95 plus vat; yup that's what I always pay. Maybe time for new toner too, I muse.
Hang on though, I stutter - aren't those new mono lasers quite cheap? The newer drums must be correspingingly cheaper too, I reason.
Not so, Joe. Here's a sample price from today;
OKI B4100 - 18ppm 8mb Laser Printer - £68.07 plus Vat
Oki Mono Drum for same model - £95.06 plus Vat
Here I should ramble on about 'disposable' printers, like throwing away a new car when the petrol runs out, etc. (Ok, sparkplugs)
Alas I've got work to do, but you get the picture, my hollow friend.

Friday, 17 June 2005

Hello Doctor

Glad to see that a third series of Dr Who has been comissioned. Regardless of who was the best Doctor, this must be the best-written series of Dr Who so far. An extra activity for those of us in Wales (where the series was filmed) is spotting Welsh landmarks pop-up in the most unlikliest places. My favourite is a Cardiff shopping centre frontage in central London.
Oh yes, I new those Daleks weren't finished.

Tuesday, 14 June 2005


The book came yesterday, and it is all it promised and more. This surely is the proverbial oil on the biscuit. My ego would be so proud.

Friday, 10 June 2005

World Folk Tales

Apparently the new book is ready. I say apparently because I haven't seen it yet. Cover artist and genius friend Howard David Johnson has received some copies direct from the printers in the US and seems to be moderately pleased with the results.
'The books are BEAUTIFUL!!!' he emailed. I'll take that as quality control and open the floodgates. Order now and you could get your copy before me.
Moral; Always use an odd number of exclamation marks, preferably a prime number.