Wednesday, 22 June 2005

distant drums

Credit card in hand, and perched to buy a new drum for my laser printer. £95 plus vat; yup that's what I always pay. Maybe time for new toner too, I muse.
Hang on though, I stutter - aren't those new mono lasers quite cheap? The newer drums must be correspingingly cheaper too, I reason.
Not so, Joe. Here's a sample price from today;
OKI B4100 - 18ppm 8mb Laser Printer - £68.07 plus Vat
Oki Mono Drum for same model - £95.06 plus Vat
Here I should ramble on about 'disposable' printers, like throwing away a new car when the petrol runs out, etc. (Ok, sparkplugs)
Alas I've got work to do, but you get the picture, my hollow friend.

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