Thursday, 27 September 2007

Magic Rabbits Find a Cure for Road Rage

I was pleasantly surprised to when browsing the blog of ace magician Dave Jay yesterday.
It seems that The Mighty Jay is sometimes apt to suffer from, ahem, road rage.
However, after listening to my audio course 'Ask to Relax' he blogged, 'Superb course and well worth the money. If it can cure my road rage it's got to be good!!!'

Thursday, 20 September 2007

It's easy to be happy - when you remember!

It’s easy enough to be happy, peaceful and positive, right?
No, I’m serious. It’s easy enough to be happy, peaceful and positive - when you remember to be. But we don’t always get to remember.
Take this morning. I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. I turned on the tap and blam! I had knocked a filter jug full of water off the worktop. Right onto the floor. Oh man!
Now, I knew who had left it there. I knew that it was far too near the edge of the worktop for safety, and I knew that they always do that and that it was an accident waiting to happen and that -
But hang on a moment, I interrupted my usual reaction when accidents happen - finding someone to blame - did anyone actually die here?
Another part of my self had jumped in. I’d like to call it my ‘sane self’. How would I feel about this tomorrow? Actually I probably wouldn’t even remember the event. Maybe I’d be a little careful next time even. Maybe I could actually even learn something from this...

Monday, 10 September 2007

Ask to Relax

What if there was a simple technique which could radically help you to overcome unwanted feelings and emotions almost instantly? Even better, what if you could also create positive emotions whenever you choose?
What if you could learn the basics for free, in minutes, to see if it appeals to you?
What if I stopped asking questions and gave you the link to my new, ahem, 'technique'?
What if you clicked here?

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

He's a flippin' mentalist

Never being one to refuse a challenge I jumped at the chance of experiencing a little 'close-up magic' with Welsh magician Dave Jay.
I must admit I was utterly banjaxed by his sleight of hand, and this in a one-to-one session with him a mere two feet away. What really sets him apart from the rest of the crowd though is the way he both makes you laugh, mystified and surprised at the same time. It's a very unusual experience.
I remember doing at least three double-takes. Utterly discombobulated, missus.
Anyone who's considering booking an 'event' should click here.