Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wii iPlayer - strange but wonderful

Downloaded the new iPlayer channel for the wii today.

It seems to work very well, a softer picture off the wii than I'm used to for digital images, but no judder, freezing or blocking. Touch wood. (Torchwood).

Isn't the BBC wonderful. Ahh.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Goodbye, Cadw Swn

learn Welsh fast with Cadw SwnToday was a milestone. I said goodbye to my Welsh course Cadw Swn. No more packing boxes, duplicating CDs and getting books printed.

Well not quite goodbye. I still have another few CDs to record. But after that I'm handing over the order fulfillment to others. Robots probably.

'Learn Welsh Fast with Cadw Swn' is the slightly rejigged title, of a slightly rejigged course. Older, wiser and a little greener.

The book is out now, the first 3 audio download packs too. The new CDs should start appearing next week, together with a fabulous new website. Audio downloads are a mere £5.95 for a CD's worth, the book a steal at £14.95.