Monday, 23 June 2008

act as though you have everything - how does that feel?

A while ago a thought crossed my mind - a strange, liberating thought which made the hairs on my neck stand on end:
'I probably have everything I need'.

I looked at the books on my shelves - 'Yeah, probably enough information for one lifetime there. No need to browse amazon today.'

I looked at the CDs in my collection - 'Oh yes, almost certainly enough great music there for one person. Something for every mood and occasion. I could live on a desert island with that.'

I looked at my family, my house, even dare I say it my bank account. Enough love, enough room, a certain amount of money. Because if you decide that you have everything, there's very little left to buy. Or to want, to lack, to be unhappy about, even if you don't really have everything after all.

There was also the thought, or the confidence that if there was something I really did want, or need, I probably had the resources to get it. Maybe not the money, but probably the means somehow, someday.

I'm certainly not rich. But I probably could be by now if I really needed to be, for what I need to do. Or I probably could be at some point if I need to be to do something I need to really do.

You know I don't think it's a matter of settling for what you have, of doing without or accepting second best. More a realization that if you can be happy now, content with where you are today, right now at this second, you've probably got life sorted out. Just for this instant we call now.

Give it a go. Decide that you have everything you probably ever need, or the means to get it.

Try on that thought for style, how does it fit, what does it do for you, right now?