Friday, 15 December 2006

The Outragous Profiteering Award 2006

Goes to the shop currently selling the Nintendo Wii (pronounced we) for a mere £699.99. Ooh, did I forget to link to them? Silly me.
But be careful with that axe, Eugene:
'reports about the wrist straps breaking during use, leading to the controller slipping out of hands, smashing TVs and windows' mutters the BBC.

Friday, 8 December 2006

No heading today, thankyou

So sometimes you need to shake yourself out of a rut you see. It's all very wall that, ehem, 'older' artists are making some of the finest music of their careers. Michael Nesmith's 'Rays' and Bob Dylan's 'Modern iTunes' are indeed classic works.
But when you find yourself driving along listening to a 66-year-old man telling you that 'we could have a real good time' for the thirty-third time you tend to wonder if you should really change the record. After all, music brings a whole load of thought processes and associated feelings with it, and sometimes you want to feel a little, well, younger.
So, after a hasty retreat to the iTunes store a fine album by Penarth's finest Jem does indeed fit the bill. You see.

Monday, 4 December 2006

Podderington Gardens

Of course they are selling the coolest thing that ever was, but what sort of a name is this for a website?
It's either cool, embarassing, both or neither. Nice drawings though, don't you think? Oh yes, here's a link for the US of A; much the same malarkey, I fear.