Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Your Stars

Vera - the Weight-watcher
Ritual humiliation may well spoil your day.
Beware of all foodstuffs.
Lucky letter - Z
Favorite city - Leningrad
Zorro - the Cheese-moulder
Now is not the time for procrastination.
Act now and weep sooner, rather than later.
Lucky friend - Jack Daniels

Monday, 13 February 2006

Your Stars

Scabius - the Ironmonger
I see a troubled week ahead. Try to remain calm.
Lucky murder weapon - blue toothbrush
Lucky firestarter - Mouthwash.
Lassius - the Wonderdog
That film part may require some sacrifices. Remember your toothbrush. Nothing can go wrong for you this month.
Benign patriot - Lenin
Lucky TV program - Homicide House

Friday, 10 February 2006

Your Stars

Vesuvius - the Goat
You will meet a stranger carrying a quiet pig. He will have dandfuff. You must ignore him at all costs.
Lucky pixie - Eddie
Favourite insult - 'Toad-molester'
Shoe size - 33 1/3
Scaline - the Onion-seller
I have nothing for you.
Lucky Tree - Great Oak

Your Stars

Topius, the Velveteen Fish
This will be an uncanny week for you and your friends.
Beware of large biscuits
Lucky number 31074321227653426781113
Lucky foodstuff – mink
Scandal – the Wiresnapper
A small egg in your jacket pocket will save your life this week.
Eat more fish.
Lucky timeslot - 1943
Fester, the war criminal
Be kind to small mammals this week. Next month may see an exiting change in your eating habits.
Lucky color – red
Lucky animal – tomato

Thursday, 9 February 2006

Search me

Groundhog Day? More like the Year of the Groundhog in my current timeslot. ‘Is it Monday again?’ seems to have turned to ‘Is it February again?’ in this lifestyle syntax.
But did the groundhog see his own shadow on Feb second? If so, six more weeks of winter, and humble groundhog returns to his bunker for another month and a half.
Don’t hog all the quilt now.
By the by, ‘groundhog day’ is currently in the top five google searches, together with Superbowl commercials, Coretta Scott King, cheese rolling, superbowl (again), and Homicide House. Or something.

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Flopsy bunny

Hey rabbit-ears, fancy some free fairy e-cards?
Go here to find out more.
Send them to your friends and loved ones. Aww.

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Don't sit in the Wild Chair

Only a weblogging fool would let the launch of a his new book pass unnoticed.
OK, so 'The Fairy Art of Howard David Johnson', is not actually my new book. It does, however, contain what I regard as one of my finest 'folk' stories, together with an introduction by my very own self. Enough to get my name on the cover, indeed.
Rush along then to for a pixic transportation of delights.