Wednesday, 14 July 2004

Linguistic Fascism

It's something that French speakers and Welsh speakers have been concerned about for ages, now it's rearing its head in (UK, British if you must) English. Some might call it Linguistic Fascism. It happens when one language becomes stronger than another and starts eating into it. We're all familiar with 'le weekend' and the like in French. Similarly many people complain of the number of English words in Welsh, often mistakenly as some words (eg. car) taken to be English actually come from the Welsh, or Brythonic as it was once known. (I'm sure that you'll recognize the odd axe which needs grinding under even my lavender pillow. This is my Blog, buster.
The boot has been on the other foot for a number of years now, but little reaction has been noticed. I merely note that soon we'll all be speaking, and writing, American English. There is no alternative, as Microsoft's Windows Media Center, soon to appear in everyone's living room, so clearly illustrates.

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