Thursday, 8 July 2004

nothing to declare but

While searching for a free online IQ test I came across Mr Ego figured he could safely ignore the results if they proved a little too embarrassing, so on with the test with we. Around ten minutes later I was puzzled to find that the site wanted my credit card details to pay for an in-depth IQ report. Another lonely scam, I thought, and browsed my pointer elsewhere, whingeing idly. But one should not always thrust daffodils up cows' noses, as the ancient Cornish proverb advises.
For there smiling fondly in my in-tray was an e-mail detailing my infallible score of 154. Not merely 'Gifted Borderline Genius', or even 'highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others'. Oh no, true scientifically proven authentic 'genius'.
Now you may scoff, scratch and even ponder on how reliable a site which sells reports of a person's IQ test is. After all, they're not going to sell many lame duffers a report are they?
I merely encourage you to visit the site and to take their test; you must be the judge.
I meanwhile, am happy to repeat a single, magnificent, ego-massaging word;

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