Friday, 9 July 2004

cardboard box in the road

When I'm old and grey, sitting in my rocking chair surveying the delights of Cwm Llynfi someone is bound to mine the vast pit of knowledge I've acquired over the years.
'What changes have you seen, in your long and varied lifeslot, oh old one?' they'll ask. And two things spring to mind.
Kite technology and jellies.
When I was young flying a kite was a nightmare. Sure, you could get it up (oo err missus) in a strong wind, but keeping it there was nigh impossible. Today's lightweight kites however are a breeze (ow); as my Clifford the Big Red Dog kite proved last year in West Wales.
And also; have you made a jelly recently? Just put the pieces in a jug with a little water in the microwave for 20 seconds, then top up to a pint with cold tap water! Now when I was young, etc. etc.

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