Wednesday, 23 September 2009

the woman made unconscious by thought

Here’s a story I heard from a friend. One of his co-workers was babysitting her grandchild. She dozed off for a few minutes while looking after the baby and when she woke up the child was nowhere to be seen. She was understandably worried. Luckily she found the child in the house by the front door.

Her son (or daughter, I’m not sure) came by to collect the baby and everyone was safe and well.

However, at this point the grandmother began to think ‘what if?’.
She looked at her front door, it was unlocked.
She looked at her garden gate. It was open, and led onto a busy road.
She realized that the child could have crawled out of the house onto the road. She began to panic.

The child was safe, none of the above had happened, but the lady kept asking herself ‘what if?’.
She began hyperventilating, and passed out. She awoke and managed to see her doctor. She is fine and well.

The point, of course, is that the thoughts of ‘what if’ became too much for the grandmother. And yet these thoughts are not even as real as an image projected onto smoke.

Imagine the everyday harm we do ourselves through worry and anxiety over similar but smaller thoughts. Thoughts which are not even as substantial as light on smoke.

We need to take control of our thoughts. We need to get quiet.

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