Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Newyddion Pwysig - Important News

It's been nearly 10 years since Cadw Swn was formed. In fact next year will see the dengmlwyddiant - tenth anniversary of the course.
As you might expect from the title of this blog entry, Cadw Swn will be undergoing radical changes between now and next year. I've been working hard on them, and feel that it's only fair to let people know what we're planning.

For a number of reasons we've always been tied to selling the course as a 10-CD unit. That will change.

I'm currently in the studio re-recording sections of the course over some new classical music. No great changes in the stories, but the new music license will allow us to sell CDs individually. I hope that a lot more people will feel able to 'dip their toe' in the water when they only need the course book and one CD.

We'll also make the audio available as downloads. I have no doubt that this is the future of music. It's green, instant, and will allow us to make the recordings available very reasonably worldwide. We're working with a great company to handle the downloads simply and easily, more news on that soon.

Finally, to tie in with these changes, the course will be retitled 'Learn Welsh Fast with Cadw Swn'. This should help with catalogue searches and search engines.

I hope to have the first of the new CDs and downloads available next month, along with the rebranded course book. Then I'll make individual CDs available as and when they're finished.

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