Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Slightly Magic Day: 7.7.14

Counting down to happiness...

Only now can it be told, Slightly Magic is returning on 7.7.14 on a number of formats. How many formats exactly, you may ask. At which point I mumble 'loads' and point at an imaginary distraction just over your left shoulder.

But what the heck. You've taken the trouble to come to this blog post, and it might be a little interesting, so here's where Slightly Magic really is today, and how I dare come to challenge the Fates and predict an exact launch date - that always used to be for publishers to worry about, after all.

It's just over a month to release date, and I've personally played Slightly on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and OUYA. I have complete confidence that the game runs fabulously on Linux too - I'm just not too sure exactly what that is. Hey, what is that over your shoulder, anyway?

All this, of course, doesn't guarantee that my magical friend can jump through all the hoops and dance routines necessary for successful app store releases. Matter-of-fact I wouldn't be surprised if sticking to the original screen ratios (of which there were 2) might cause some problems on certain formats. Time will tell.

But today, as we speak, even now, at this moment in time, there is at least one format ready and waiting for a final press of an on-screen 'release now' button. Other submissions will be attempted this week, but the majestic freedom and speed of the Google Play store submission process means that at least the Android version is sure to be out on 7.7.14. Unless I sleep late, of course.

And I figure that a month should be enough to get a respectable number, judged as a mean sample of all available format ratios, of versions out for Slightly Magic Day. Also, I'm itching to start work on the sequel, Slightly Spooky, and I've finally found that tin of magic beans that's been hiding in the back of my cupboard for the past 20 years. More news here soon, but I should seriously take a look over your shoulder. That just looks weird.


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