Wednesday, 8 September 2004

Christian bigots

There, I've said it. God help me.
Now, I've got nothing against Christians; in fact some of my best friends are Christians. I didn't object when my partner suggested she take the children to Sunday School. I believe that Jesus was an enlightened being who achieved Christ-consciousness in his lifetime, and that we should all strive to do the same. Gnostic Christianity, I think it's fair to say. Banned by the early church, you know.
But when a local Christian church posts a full-color leaflet through one's letterbox telling of a visit to a Buddhist temple, and of how these people were wasting their time, well you know how it is. There's only one true religion, apparently, all the others being a nonsense. A harmless delusion, you may think, until you start to count the bodies.
So I add the buddhanet link to this site (look right) in the spirit of freedom, giving and enlightenment. Also this link to Church Folks for a Better America, who can show the bigots in their country that religion need not be the cause of any wars. Amen.

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