Thursday, 27 June 2013

I knew I had it last time I looked...

This is mildly interesting, if you've nothing better to do. It's a true story, I must add.

Twenty-odd years ago, I wrote a game ending so good that I was told to save it for an unspecified future use. It wasn't libelous, unsuitable or even offensive; just too good for the project I'd put it in, I was told. Yes yes, I know; very strange. Anyhow, time passed and I never really did find a suitable use.

Until now. 'Microdot Reimagined' is honestly almost completely nearly finished, and some of my best work ever. I know that this is where I'll put that ending in. (It'll all make sense at a future point when you've played the game through, don't worry.)

The only problem is; do you think I can find it? It's on a piece of yellow paper, typewritten and possibly a carbon copy. Let me know if you come across it, won't you? You'll know it when you see it.

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