Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Those glorious days of boring games

I don’t suppose my first game had a loading screen.

I think it had a single screen of gameplay. You might wonder why I don't go on YouTube to check it out. Because it was rubbish is the answer.

'I"m In Shock' got snapped up by the first software house I sent it to, Artic Computing. That tells you something about the games industry at the time. They sent me royalties too.

I'm certainly not ashamed of the game, it did have a nice piece of gameplay. I guess it had a good few hours of entertainment.

Still, "I'm In Shock' was a great title, and I still love the sleeve notes I wrote,

'The moon was the colour of wide frozen shrieks of laughter, the frost line ran down the window,
I’m in shock...'


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