Friday, 4 May 2007

Shwmae butty

Those of you who have an interest in learning Welsh may care to take a look at my new blog-type entity now online and upstream.
For the rest of you I'll have a moan about windows vista...
Yes, I am spoiled with a Mac, but I actually get on with Windows XP quite finely, thank you. Vista, however, is a more troublesome beast. I don't know if it's the firewall/antivirus suite that it ships with but continually being asked if you want to allow a program to run strikes me as rather, well, 20th century. Hah. The virus checker/firestarter even asks if its ok to run itself. So once again - hah.
But at least it does run on vista. A number of the programs which came ready-installed on a friend's PC don't even seem to work on microsoft's new 'operating system'. Now that would just make me mad.

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